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Good 4 Climate
Good 4 Society
Good 4 Business Success

Climate Change will lead to consumer behaviour change - a challenge for your future business success.

"Green" will become a relevant dimension for brands, products and services.
"Greenwashing" harms the reputation of companies whilst transparency becomes normal and leads to public scrutiny.
"Green Procurement" requirements from public and private clients will enforce a
re-thinking along the whole value chain towards low carbon business models (e.g. WalMart´s supplier sustainability Index).

Is your business model ready for the challenges ahead ?

Take actions now to turn these challenges into business opportunities.
Start today to develop the competitive business model to be in the driving seat for the business success of tomorrow.

Chinese saying
The best time to plant a tree is a hundred years ago. The second-best is right now!


Policy: Green Tax in UK?

A new green tax to be introduced next year could hit the profits and share prices of many British companies... (02/11, Fundstrategy)
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Company: Apple faces pollution storm in China

...In that case, 49 workers were hospitalised... (01/2011, FT)
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Strategy: Pricing the Planet

Understanding a company´s full exposure to energy and environmental risks... (2010, McKinsey)
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Company: Unilever

Decoupling business growth from environmental impact is possible and even cheaper than continuing business as usual, Paul Polman, CEO of Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever, argued... (12/2010, EA)
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Policy: Climate change deal agreed at Cancún

...After a marathon final negotiating session, governments emerged with a deal that surprised many participants and observers, who... (12/2010, FT)
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Finance: Global investors fear climate change

The world´s largest global investors signed a statement, calling for global measures to fight climate change. This also includes the expectation for corporate disclosure of climate related risks.
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Labelling: Made in ...

...The rules will mean that if only 25% of the products are made in the EU, manufacturers cannot claim they are EU-made...(Oct2010)
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Finance: Deutsche Bank provides climate change report to its investors

Deutsche Bank is one of the big players in climate investment, with some
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Retailer: Adopt green code of conduct

Major EU retailers, including Carrefour and Tesco, have signed up to a voluntary code of consuct seeking their environmental footprint...(June10)
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Policy: EU plans measures to curb demand for natural resources

...Potocnik said the EU executive would be looking for policies that "create the economic conditions that will incentivise reduction in the demand for natural resources" by adopting a life-cycle approach (LCA) to measuring the environmental footprint of products and services. (April10)
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